Predicting Performance

Maxymiser is a company that specializes in optimizing a website’s performance using multivariate testing. Like eye-tracking studies, and heatmaps, the results of multivariate testing are inherently captivating for they provide an empirical stamp on design decisions. Maxymiser releases the results of their testing as case studies (you need to enter your name and email to download them), but it’s even more interesting when you remove the conversion data and ask your site visitors to predict which design will perform better. A lot of people get it wrong.

In this shopping cart example, a lot of the variations have fundamental design problems, so my [unverified] prediction was dead on.

However, the latest gave me pause. I’ll let Harry Brignull set it up:

Which one of the designs below do you think got the highest number of clickthroughs to an item detail page? And which one do you think got the highest number of ‘call me back’ requests?

Best Cruises - Variation A

Best at Cruises - Variation A

Best Cruises - Variation B

Best at Cruises - Variation B

As an FYI, Google’s Website Optimizer helps you perform analogous tests on your site for free.

Feb 27 2009