A set of icons based on the visual language of Helvetica Bold. Roll over the area in the top right (the big “245”) to see the icon set preview. A very pleasant respite from the glossy, high-fidelity style of Apple-inspired icons.

Jul 9 2009

Just like Helvetica, these are unfree. Like Mark said: Fuck the foundries

Love seeing a diversity of opinion, but I disagree.

Just like I enjoy paying for software and rewarding the creator directly, I don’t mind paying for useful design artifacts.

Pilgrim’s shrill argument is more focused on interoperability and distribution of said typefaces, which I agree, is in an unfortunately sad state. The type foundry’s business model also comes off as a bit archaic.

You obviously don’t just pay for the typeface assets, you pay for the years of specialized learning, research and production that went into creating it. To me, that is immensely valuable, and I will always pay for something that brings cultural context as well as a professional rigor into my work.

Definitely posed to stand the test of time. Excellent set, and well worth the price tag.

Yes, definitely worth the price tag. BTW, alfbrand, one of the reasons I wouldn’t buy this set outright is because of this one thing you said to me once: why buy when you can make? I’ve been making my own sub-par icons ever since.

Oh — now I see what JWatt was talking about, in my feed reader I can’t click through to your permalink and comment…

I think title linking is more of a feeds problem than mother-site issue.