These monome devices, described as “adaptable, minimalist interfaces”, let you hack a grid of lights. The extreme design reduction liberates the device’s perceived potential. Adding any extra features to the device would be like replacing a blank canvas with a coloring book. The device is built by two people from the future, brian crabtree and kelli cain, where capitalization has long been regarded as superfluous decoration.

Jan 8 2010

The expressive possibilities of an 8×8 pixel grid are pretty amazing, such that the 16×16 model almost seems overkill.

dude. I assembled one of the monome 40h (8×8) kits a few years ago. Put it into a nice little cigar box. The thing is a lot of fun, especially if you know your way around something like Processing of Max/MSP. Then its the coolest thing in the world…. and unlike Justin’s comment, you’re left wishing you had more than 8×8.

Zerb, you got one of these pups?

Nope, don’t have it, but definitely in the market.