Feed Wrangler

Feed Wrangler is a simple plugin that allows one to create custom feeds for their WordPress blog. You can customize the structure of that feed by creating a corresponding file in your blog theme, otherwise the custom feed will default to your RSS2 feed.

Feed Wrangler screenshotMain settings screen where you can create new feeds and manage existing ones

Some possible use cases:

  • You want a custom URL to access a feed by (i.e. “/feed/misterspecialfeed” )
  • You want some feeds to bypass Feedburner redirect.
  • A sponsor asks you to place an ad in your feed
  • You need a clean, ad-free feed to provide a partner (see Amazon Kindle), that doesn’t go through FeedBurner or is customized in any way.
  • You prefer adding and editing feeds in a way more analogous to Movable Type

Download Feed Wrangler 0.3.1

I’m using version 0.3 with WP 2.7.1
Your readme file says:
“If you want to start off with one of the default templates — let’s say RSS2 — just copy and paste the code from `/wp-includes/wp-rss2.php` into the new theme file and make the changes and additions you see fit.”

There is no wp-rss2.php file in the wp-includes directory. Do I use the feed-rss2.php instaed?


Hey Jsherk – you’re right. I updated the plugin instructions to reflect the changes in file names. Thanks for your help.

Hi Ephram,

I posted a comment a while back but never actually got around to installing your plugin. I’ve just done it this weekend and It’s magic. Very easy to use and install. Sorted my problem.


I have been using your plugin for the past year in tandem with Justin Tadlock’s “Custom Fields for Feeds” plugin and it’s worked beautifully, but now after upgrading to WP 2.8 I can no longer get the custom feed to work properly. The custom feed is called “zdd”. Now, when I go to (wp root)/feed/zdd/, I get a “not found” error, and when I try going to (wp root)/feed/?feed=zdd it simply says “ERROR: zdd is not a valid feed template”. All looks good in file feed-zdd.php within my theme, and it shows up normally in the Feed Wrangler admin. The stock WP feeds (rss2, etc.) all seem to be working normally. This WP install is located at http://is.gd/1q1AF. Thanks!

I have been using Feed Wrangler 0.3 since vWP 2.7.1 and am now using 0.3.1 with WP v2.8.4 without problems as well.

Thanks for a great simple plugin!!

Thanks for the plugin, Ephram!

Cinestar asked how one would display content from a specific category.
I have done so with

[wordpress root]/[category]/feed/[my-feedwrangler-template]

Great plugin, thanks! This is just what I was looking for.

One niggle: I’m using a “child” theme, based on Thematic. TEMPLATEPATH doesn’t do the right thing with child themes – the advice is to use locate_template instead.

So, around lines 106-120 of feed-wrangler.php can be changed to this: http://pastie.org/915759


Hey Ephram,
It appears that Feed Wrangler may not (yet) work under WordPress 3.0, though it could be something else in my installation. Do you have plans to update it?

Anyone tried this with WordPress 3.0 yet?

Going to look into 3.0 compatibility soon.

I am using Feedwordpress and that works, however, it won’t import images. I want the images too and am tired of beating my head against the computer screen.

As far as I can tell it *does not* work in 3.0.

In Feedburner, when I try to burn the feed, I get this message:

We could not find a valid feed at that address. Here are some possible reasons this might have happened:

But when I check the feed validation, it’s fine…


Any progress with WP 3.0 compatibility, yet? I can’t use the plugin until then and I REALLY need to.


I tested WP 3.0 and it looks like it works. If there are specific things that aren’t working for you, just let me know.

Thank you for the information on this plugin. I was having some big troubles with the feedburner feedsmith plugin but with the directions on this site I was able to get them fixed. It’s nice to finally have the RSS FEED widget finally working.

Hi Ephram-

Great plugin, we’ve been using it for the last year. We are just now upgrading to WP3 (specifically from 2.9.2) to WP 3.0.3, and the fly in the ointment now is feedwrangler. On our old site, we have a feed here that is working great:


On our WP 3.0.3 development site, we have exactly the same feed wrangler settings and the same php file, but I’m getting a ‘not found’ error, and this in the error log:

[error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/wordpress/feed

this is our dev feed link:

Any thoughts?



Never you mind, I figured it out after much mucking with our apache config. .htaccess was disabled, which caused a whole cascade of errors including feedwrangler.



Hi Ephram,
Sadly, Yoast WordPress SEO is still breaking Feed Wrangler. The custom feed template never gets called. I contacted Yoast about it months ago, but the lastet versions don’t seem to be addressing the situation. Ultimately, I’ll choose Wrangler over Yoast if I have to, but I’d really like the two to function together. Can you point me in any direction?

Scratch that – I just figured out the conflict….
Yoast WordPress SEO is stripping the “feed” parameter to make the URL friendlier. You can keep it from doing so by going to
and either unchecking “Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks”, or if you want that checked, by adding “feed” to the “Other variables not to clean” list.
Glad to get that resolved!

Lifesaver! Thanks :-)